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Transport for London

Moquette competition

Enid Marx c1940

Enid Marx Shield DesignFrom graphics to roundels, tube stations to textiles, Transport for London is steeped in a history of innovative design.  As part of the gradual refurbishment of London’s transport system, Transport for London and London Underground are pleased to announce an open competition to design a new seating moquette for use on the Underground system.  The winning design, which will initially launch on the Piccadilly line, will then be adopted across the London Underground system.  This is your chance to become part of the fabric of London design and transport history and for your work to be seen by over 3 million tube users every day.

Entrants are invited to submit up to two repeat pattern textile designs using the colours specified in the design brief remembering that your design will be used for public seating so will need to be commercially viable and take into consideration wear and tear and soiling.

The winner will receive a design fee of £5,000 which includes copyright purchase.

CLOSING DATE 14th September before 5.00pm GMT.



Enquires can only be answered by e-mail

Entrants should send their design to:

Moquette Competition
Transport for London
13th Floor Windsor House
42-50 Victoria Street


Please Note

The London Underground map and Roundel logo are the copyright and trademark of Transport for London.  TfL will not accept designs which misuse the Underground map and logo that is change the station names on the map to other words and put other words through the bar of the logo unless it is an official TfL station name, Mind the Gap or London.